Being mindful of the flow of customers, we'll maximize the floor plan of your bar, gelateria, bakery, whatever it is you want to build and we'll help you create the look you want.


The major advantage of these bar systems is in their modular design. These bars can be assembled and later moved to another location, unlike typical bar designs which are permanently affixed to floors and eventually become property of the landlord.

Use our experience in bringing your vision to fruition. We'll help you realize your dream cafĂ© without unnecessary budgetary trappings.

Let Us.....

  • Assist with Bar Selection
  • Design
  • Import
  • Install
  • Support

We have many different imported Italian gelato cases in stock and ready to ship to you today.


Gelato Cases


A jewel of class and elegance.

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Gritty and chic.


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Italian Bar Systems